Periodic Table
Time allocated this section

2 weeks - finishing time start of week 6

Welcome back to the periodic table. What a wonderful tool this is. You will review some of the periodic information from last year as well as progressing onto a new group of elements - the Transition metals.

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Student assignment

Assignment 4 - Download

Download Assignment 4 solutions -

Assignment 5 - Download (we will not be doing this assignment in 2009)

Assignment 5 is an essay on the Transition elements. Make sure that you include all of the requirements of an essay as well as including the relevant content.

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Student worksheets:

Introduction and trends in the periodic table.

Download this PDF worksheet now and explore some great periodic table sites.

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Group trends in the periodic table (added Feb, 2007) - download this PDF worksheet and complete it online (if you have Acrobat Professional). Use your text and some of the websites you explored in the last activity to help you as required.

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Explore the transition metals - Use your text to help you explore some feature of the "d block" elements.

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