Atomic structure and bonding

Assignment details:

Assignment 1 - non assessed. Spend the first week getting organized. Commence using your review materials. Familiarize yourself with the assessment statement and assessment requirements.

Assignment 2 - Electron configurations. Most of this assignment should be a review of Year 11 materials. 

Assignment 3 - Covalent compounds and their properties. Review both types of bonding as well as applying the VSEPR model to predict the shapes and polarities of molecules.

Solutions to assignment 3

Worksheets -

Intermolecular forces - Download this interactive PDF worksheet on intermolecular forces.

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Student worksheets:

Exploring Intermolecular Forces - This worksheet explores intermolecular forces. I will give you a hardcopy to write your answers. Open this copy so that you can use the hyperlinks.


In- class Worksheets -

Worksheet title

Text sections

Atomic structure and the periodic table

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
Review of strong bonding Chapter 2